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Update 2010
09/12/10, 1:32 PM
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Okay, so over a year has gone by since the last post. Played only one or two shows, and wrote a small handfull of songs that only one or two have been recorded.

Around winter last year i recorded and sent a song to Mike at Roklok Records for a tape compilation of home-recorded music of different types. A few neat bands that i’ve heard of (notely Sloane Peterson from Miami), and a bunch i’ve never heard of.

It’s supposed to be out within the week, and you should get your hands on a copy.

Other than that, no activity.



05/31/09, 11:35 AM
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Due to unfortunate circumstances, i’m pretty much giving up on the mini-tour.

two of the shows cancelled, one can’t be set up due to difficulties at 305 fest, and i’m calling off the last one in orlando.

it really sucks, but what can you do about it?

The Mowgli split is just about done, they just need to get the music from the guys and get the inserts ready, so yeah!


05/12/09, 8:00 AM
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I seriously need help with miami!

everything else is put together fine, but if there is no miami show, it puts a big whole in my plan, cause that’s where my biggest bus ride begins. so without a date there, i’m sitting in miami with nothing to do for a very long time.

no stress, i just might affect the outcome of this tour.

boy, do i think things through.

Too many posts
04/19/09, 1:42 PM
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for a three day period!

the only reason for the post is to let you know that bear records/distro has a few copies of the demo tape.

Buy it Here!

so if you can’t do mailorder, support his ass!

04/17/09, 5:15 PM
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Acoustic recording has gone perfect, and I honestly don’t think it could’ve gone any better. 3 new songs, and a very special cover that came out quite awesome! Thanks to Marc Davis for once again doing an awesome job at recording/supporting something I’m involved in.

He also introduced me to frozen grapes, Great Job!

In other news, the second press of the tapes are donzo, and there will be no third press, as i will be using the tapes for something else.

I’m going to start making the acoustic cds soon. As for quanity, I’m not too sure yet, except there will be 25-30 for tour.

I will update the page for those cds in the following weeks, or atleast before tour happens.


04/14/09, 2:35 PM
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Okay, lots of news, so let’s get started!

Booking for the tour is just about done, hopefully there will be flyers within the next month. I record within days for the tour CD-R, 3 new songs and a cover! At the end of tour, the mowgli split should be out!

I have begun making the 2nd press of the demo tapes, more info on those in the music section.

OH! There is also a possibility of a 7″ in fall/winter. Nothing solid yet, just something that is still in the thought process.

03/18/09, 11:06 PM
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For four in June days i’ll be embarking on an acoustic tour to a few cities throughout South/Central Florida.

HERE is a page with more info on that!