Howard the Duck

05/31/09, 11:35 AM
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Due to unfortunate circumstances, i’m pretty much giving up on the mini-tour.

two of the shows cancelled, one can’t be set up due to difficulties at 305 fest, and i’m calling off the last one in orlando.

it really sucks, but what can you do about it?

The Mowgli split is just about done, they just need to get the music from the guys and get the inserts ready, so yeah!



05/12/09, 8:00 AM
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I seriously need help with miami!

everything else is put together fine, but if there is no miami show, it puts a big whole in my plan, cause that’s where my biggest bus ride begins. so without a date there, i’m sitting in miami with nothing to do for a very long time.

no stress, i just might affect the outcome of this tour.

boy, do i think things through.