Howard the Duck

The Demo
03/06/09, 1:32 PM
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is in the process of being put together, and here’s the breakdown of it.

75 tapes (25 five tapes in 3 pressings)

The first pressing is ready. Gold tapes with multi colored covers/inserts. The second pressing will be red/green/black swirled tapes. Same inserts, but probably different packaging. And the third will be Green Tapes with the same inserts and probably the same packaging and the second press.

$2 at shows, $3 ppd mailorder

no checks, only money orders or well hidden cash.



Another Show
02/18/09, 12:06 PM
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January 26th @ The House of Cats
7pm Donations

Me and You
Parkranger Barkwood
Howard the Duck
Jimmy Go Swimmer

Music and some other things up!
02/11/09, 1:02 AM
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I put up some pages on the panel to the left, and one leads to music!

Its the only finished song from the demo as of this second, but you might like it! Please download and pass it around!

There is also a few other pages for your enjoyment!


In the begining there was, Howard the Duck!
02/09/09, 10:52 PM
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